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Chenal Valley Defines West Little Rock Living

If you’re familiar with Little Rock, you know its growth over the past 30 years has been primarily towards the west.

In the late 1980s, Deltic Farm & Timber, one of the largest land owners in Pulaski County, owned approximately 7,000 acres near Shinall Mountain, which lies between Highway 10 to the north and Kanis Road to its south.

The owners had a vision for this land. They believed the hills and green forests could provide a spectacular backdrop for new neighborhoods within a growing city. This is where Chenal Valley was conceived with a name inspired by the nearby mountain.

Sole ownership of such a large piece of land was a distinct advantage. It allowed for comprehensive planning over time – not easily achieved when many different interests and developers are in play. A special improvement bond was passed in June 1986 to fund a new east/west road – Chenal Parkway – which paved the way for the development of what would become Chenal Valley.

Extending from the western end of I-630 to the west and north, the new Chenal Parkway connected with Cantrell Road across from Highway 300. From these crossroads, Chenal Valley would take shape.

More than just lots and homes, Chenal Valley is a lifestyle.

Early on, it was decided that a major amenity was needed for Chenal Valley, and Chenal Country Club was planned and built. Around the new Club, the first residential neighborhood, Chenal Circle, was developed, surrounded by some of the nicest homes and estates in Little Rock, many situated on the golf course of the new Club.

The second and third Chenal neighborhoods were built concurrently – DuClair Court, featuring smaller, very nice homes, and Fontenay Circle, larger homes but not quite as exclusive as those located on Chenal Circle. Other neighborhoods – ranging from $1 Million plus homes to those starting in the $200,000s, continued to be developed over the years and now extend further to the west, almost to Ferndale.

Today, premier shopping areas, such as The Promenade at Chenal, offer the finest stores, brands and products available. In addition to leading edge retail, such as The Apple Store, there are many locally owned restaurants and shops in Chenal. Several churches and schools round out the Chenal living experience.

Chenal Valley’s many neighborhoods – each with unique features, lot options and home styles – blend effortlessly with the area’s suburban setting lushly surrounded by rolling hills. And its Little Rock location is convenient being only about 12 minutes from mid-town and about 20 minutes from downtown.

Thirty-five years after its inception, Chenal Valley’s neighborhoods are maturing beautifully. Each neighborhood has been carefully planned and landscaped to retain many trees and green spaces. Many offer views of the beautiful, surrounding hills, and neighborhood parks and pools abound.

The merger of Deltic Timber with Potlatch Corporation in 2018 hasn’t caused Chenal to change direction. PotlatchDeltic continues to support Chenal’s mission to deliver a wonderful lifestyle to Little Rock homeowners.

Lots of choices and a lifestyle that’s larger than life await you! For more information, contact one of our expert realtors or visit with us at today!

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