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Q. What is a Property Owners Association?

A. Property Owners Associations are established by developers to manage and maintain the community's common areas and amenities and administer and enforce the development's covenants and restrictions or bill of assurance. POAs assist in maintaining communities' standards and overall appearance, which in turn helps maintain property values.

Q. Do I pay dues to two Property Own Associations each year?

A. Yes, Chenal Valley and each individual neighborhood within Chenal Valley have their own POA dues.

Q. What are my dues used for?

A. Chenal Valley POA dues are used primarily for the maintenance of landscaping along the major streets within the development, streetlight maintenance, utilities, and the operation of the three parks and pools in Chenal Valley.  Neighborhood POA dues are used primarily for the maintenance of the neighborhood entrance and other common areas, streetlight repairs, and utilities.

Q. How much are the POA Dues?

A. The dues amount is established by each POA Board at the beginning of the year according to the By-Laws established by the specific POA.

Q. Are dues paid monthly, quarterly, or annually?

A. Dues are paid annually. The Chenal Valley POA bills are sent out at the end of January and due on February 15th of each year. Each individual neighborhood POA, has their own billing schedule.

Q. Is there a penalty if dues are late?

A. Yes, the Chenal Valley POA will assess a lien fee and administrative fee if dues are not paid by the due date. The same is possible for the individual neighborhood POAs.

Q. Do I have to pay dues even if I do not use the amenities?

A. Yes. Each property owner is obligated to pay the POA dues associated with their property. The obligation is outlined in the documents provided by the title company when you purchased your property.

Q. Can I get a copy of the Chenal Valley POA documents and the documents specific to my Neighborhood?

A. Yes. The documents are available at, for both the Chenal Vally POA and the individual neighborhood POAs.

Q. Are there pet restrictions?

A. Pets are governed by the City of Little Rock ordinances. However, the POA expects pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash, remedy excessive barking and properly dispose of pet waste.

Q. Are alterations to the exterior of my home or landscaping allowed?

A. Yes, but you are required to submit an application to, and receive approval from, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to any changes being made. Applications are available at

Q. Can non-residents use the Pool Facilities?

A. The Pools and Parks are for the exclusive use of Chenal Valley residents. However, residents may bring guests to the pool for a fee, if accompanied by the resident.

Q. Does the Chenal Valley POA allow homebased businesses?

A. The Bill of Assurance for each neighborhood prohibits the use of any residence within Chenal Valley for business or commercial purposes.

Q. Is signage permitted within the Property Owners Association common area?

A. No signage of any kind is permitted within the common areas of Chenal Valley. Property owners may post signs (for sale, political, or otherwise acceptable signage) on a temporary basis within their property. 


Chenal Valley Property Owners' Association
Greg Stewart, Board Member/Treasurer
7 Chenal Club Boulevard
Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone: 501-821-5555
Fax: 501-821-8769

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